Thursday, 5 July 2007

Hindu Version of ‘Deal or no Deal’ TV Game

What happens when a Hindu appears on DEAL OR NO DEAL,
[One of Channel Fours most popular Game show]
Well if its woman she would wear a saree.
Do a tilak on the foreheads of all the contestants.
Place a tilak on the host Noel Edmonds.
Bring with her photos of Goddess Laxmi and Ganesh.
Make an announcement in Hindi.
And start with the lucky number 13!

Well that’s exactly what Usha Solanki from Sussex did when she appeared on the very popular tea time programme on Channel Four.
Usha Solanki an elderly lady with her husband appeared on the Games show on 5 July 2007 wearing a lovely pink saree. She put a tilak on all the contestants as a mark of good luck. A very excited and kind Usha played the game with good humour. Just before each break, she would announce in Hindi to make your self a cup of tea and come back in 5 minutes.
She started off with a bang by loosing the major prize of £250.000.
But as the game progressed she managed to walk away with a grand total of £7,500 in prize money.

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