Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Some thoughts on Diwali

It’s the time of year to make good food to impress your family and friends.
But is the skill of making sweets, barfi, ladoos, Ghoogras, Jalebi, biscuits, chevdo etc being lost due the availability of ready made food (?)

It’s the time to make merry with your friends. Go to pubs, go to restaurants, visit distant friends etc
And why not?

It’s the time to feel good and enjoy shopping for presents and gifts and gold and sarees and toys etc
If you can afford it then enjoy it.
If you can’t then enjoy what you can with you have.

It’s the time think about God.
But very few of us do.

It’s the time follow the rituals
But who actually knows what they are and why bother with them??

It’s the time to phone friends and relatives.
Don’t get caught out by the New Years Day rush!!

It’s the time for religion to bring home the noble truths and spiritual values to the people.
Who’s actually listening?? 
Is anyone listening?
But never the less we must all persist.
Why just leave it to the temples and community organisations only!!?

It’s the time to give to charity.
What’s that?
We don’t think like that. Do we???

Oh yes and its definitely the time to ask Goddess Laxmi to make you a millionaire.
But just remember – so are a billion other people asking the same from Goddess Laxmi.

It’s the time to be inspired by the Ramayana.
It’s also the time to be inspired by Krishna.
But we no longer believe in these stories –do we?

Yet we still celebrate Diwali.

Never the less, please do make time to recite stories of Rama and Krishna to your children.
Don’t make excuses that you don’t have time.
Don’t make excuses that you are not interested in these things.
At least give your children the same options that you once had.
Don’t decide their fate for them.
Don’t leave it to the schools, mandirs, your community, other classes etc
Do it your self.

If you don’t know the stories – find out!!

It’s the time be poetic about the real meaning of Diwali.
It’s the time to spread the true meaning of Diwali.
It’s the time to interpret it to the modern generation.
Its time to make it acceptable to the next generation.
So proud of you all who do this.

Oh you missed it all did you?
Diwali is gone and finished. 
Never mind.
You can do all this at any time of the year.

Please do let me have your thoughts.


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Right Thinking

It is very difficult to think rightly, justly, morally unless you have trained your mind to do so.

In a conversation with a friend:- He told me that he got involved in a small useless argument with someone who had scratched his car.
He said “I shouted at him for no reason. It was not in my nature to shout but I did.
The scratch was not important and it was not such a big damage as I had suspected, but in the heat of the moment I lost control.”

He said if he could re-live that moment then he would stay calm and speak to him calmly and if he didn’t want to pay for the damages then I would not have minded.

In hindsight we would all perhaps change some of our actions.

It’s only when we are placed in challenging situations or tested or perhaps experience our own wrong doings, only then perhaps we can better understand and reflect on our emotions and improve on them. Until then we might be living in a delusional world that we think we are really nice and calm good people.

I hope this story will help us to understand our nature better and use them wisely when the time comes.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

What does this quote mean to you?

What does this quote mean to you?

“The fewer one's possessions, the greater are one's enjoyment and freedom.”
By Swami Chinmayananda

Please leave your views on it. It does not matter if the views are simple, complex, wrong or right.

Thank you.