Thursday, 28 June 2007

Why doesn’t God stop wars?

The following is the script from the Mahabharata TV serial.
Vidhur was feeling helpless at the inevitable war between the Kauravas and the Pandavs.

Krishna said “Don’t be so sad Vidhur. You don’t have the power to stop whats going to happen.”

Vidhur replied “But you have the power O Krishna.”

Krishna then tells him,
“I too am powerless to stop what is happening.
I have no control of the Karma of men.
I can try to reason with them and that Ive done.
But they have shut their ears to my reasoning.
When I try to show them the true path they shut their eyes.
All you can do is stand by and watch the events as they occur.
You cannot change destiny.

In fact to tell the truth, Duryodhana isn’t responsible for this.
Its Dhritharastra and no one else. He is the root cause of it all.
Duryodhana is merely an offshoot of that root.

Vidhur says “My Hastinapur isn’t the fruit of the kings labour.”

Krishna said “It is O Mahatma Vidhur. Hastinapur did not stop Shakuni from cheating in the game of dice, nor stop Dushasana's hand from disrobing Draupadi, or stop Karnas tongue while he called Draupadi a whore. Therefore it too is a party to the misfortunes of the Kauravas.

God has shown the way to peace through many scriptures in different languages and different ways in different kingdoms. If we turn a blind eye to this then how can we hold God responsible for all the wars and trouble in this world. God says he has no control over men’s Karma. He can only show them and guide them.
Why is the entire country held responsible to the action of one man (Prime Minister of the country --The Dhrithrastras of the country)? Where injustice is allowed to carry on and you do not speak up against these injustice then the country too is responsible for the eventual downfall.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

INDIA NOW a 3 month Festival celebrating Indian culture

INDIA NOW is a 3 month Festival celebrating Indian culture in London
15th July - 30th September 2007

Over the Summer of 2007, London will host India Now, a three-month season centring on London's interaction with India's rapidly growing economy and exploring India's culture.

It will take in events, activities and festivals across the capital dedicated to Indian art, film, food, theatre, music and fashion.

India Now will feature several key events, one of which will be a three-week Indian-themed Trafalgar Square Festival commencing on the Thursday 2 August. The famous square in the centre of London will see spectacular Indian and Indian-related outdoor events. Then on Sunday 2 September Regent Street - one of London's premiere shopping streets will be transformed into an Indian streetscape complete with music, spectacular sculptures, food and artisans.

Over 150 of London's cultural organisations and attractions will participate in the "India Now" season which will showcase India's contribution to world culture, its rich tradition and most importantly raise awareness and celebrate new Indian trends across art, film, theatre, food, music and fashion. Both invited Indian artists and London-based artists will be involved in the events.

Below information taken from

Later this year the Mayor will be visiting both Delhi and Mumbai with a delegation of representatives from London businesses, with plans to open Mayoral offices in both cities.

Mayor of London Ken Livingstone said the season was part of his programme for extending business and cultural links between the capital and India in 2007."India is not only one of the world's most important and rapidly growing economies, an emerging economic superpower, but it also has one of the world's most important cultures. In 2007, we are aiming to strengthen London's relations with India, building on the significant contribution that the Indian community - the largest minority national group in London - already makes to the economic, cultural and social success of the capital."He added: "With the arrival of more Indian companies, India's cultural impact on London is going to increase further. India Now will be an opportunity to experience the richness of Indian culture and will underline the relationship London has with India."

In partnership with Time Out magazine, the Mayor's office is also a producing a guide for India Now which will include listings of all the season's activity. The guide will be included with the magazine in early July.

A fashion show in will take place in September at the V&A Museum called 'Fashion in Motion'.
London Mela in Gunnersbury Park

An exhibition at the British Museum celebrating 60 years of Indian independence

A showcase at Brunei Gallery of the exhibition: From Soho Road to the Punjab - 50 years of Bhangra Music, culture and style.

The ICA will hold 'Futureworld City: Mumbai Club Night' at the central London venue in August.

The annual BBC Proms have a segment dedicated to celebrating Indian music.

Cultural institutions and organisations participating in India Now include
The National Film Theatre,
V&A Museum,
The South Bank
Barbican centres,
Thames Festival,
The Institute of Contemporary Arts and Akademi.
BBC Asian Network and Zee Television will be key media partners for the three-month festival.

Finally Lets not forget the spectacular Rathayatra 2007 taking place on 29 July at Trafalgar Square and Hyde Park Corner.

More details on that later.
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Friday, 22 June 2007

Gandhi braving the mighty Atlantic

Bhavik Gandhi became the first person to row across theAtlantic Ocean unassisted after a 106-day journey.

Bhavik Gandhi began his attempt at becoming the first Indian and first Asian to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean on 28th February, 2007 at 1155 hrs GMT.

He set out from La Restinga in the Canary Islands to Antigua onhis boat 'Miss Olive', covering close to 3000 nautical miles in theprocess. The rower reached Jabberwock Beach,

Antigua after a 106-day voyage.

During his journey, his boat capsized 200 kms from the destinationbut he managed to steer the boat by rowing with a spare oar.

In the process, he also became the first Asian to complete an oceanrowing expedition solo and unassisted.

Born in Mumbai but now a Sweden resident, Gandhi's record will becertified by the Ocean Rowing Society.

Article taken from

Bhavik Gandhi's Profile

UN declares Gandhi’s Birthday as Day of Non-Violence

Report taken from

The UN will observe Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday as the International Day of Non-Violence every year, it said in a statement yesterday.The UN called upon all member nations and individuals to commemorate October 2 in “an appropriate manner and to disseminate the message of non-violence.”

The resolution was introduced by India.

“I am extremely happy that the United Nations will henceforth observe Gandhi Jayanti, October 2 as International Day of Non-Violence each year, following a unanimous decision by the General Assembly of the United Nations yesterday,” Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said.

“This is a tribute by the world community to the Father of our Nation,” the prime minister said.
“The universal relevance of Gandhiji’s message of non-violence is more important today than ever before since nations across the world continue to grapple with the threat of conflict, violence and terrorism,” he said.

The comments section gives interesting historical background to how this day came about.
By Akshay Bakaya
The idea of Ahimsa Day, International Day of Non-Violence is originally an initiative of an English class of mainly Japanese and Korean children in Paris, working on Attenborough's film 'Gandhi'. This proposal was supported by Romila Thapar, Asma Jahangir, Noam Chomsky, K.R. Narayan, Krishna Kumar, Immanuel Wallerstein, etc. and taken to the 2004 Bombay WSF by peace Nobel, Shirin Ebadi. Krishna Kumar (now director NCERT) had predicted that this call will take 3 years to be heard...Hard News, the Indian associate of the international French monthly Le Monde Diplomatique, played a role too. Sanjay Kapoor discussed it with Mohsina Kidwai who took it to Sonia Gandhi just before the Satyagraha convention where archbishob Desmond Tutu formally proposed that a Call for an ahimsa day be sent to the UN.


Thursday, 21 June 2007

Gayatri Jayanti Maha Yagna

DATE:- Sunday 24 June 2007
TIME:- From 11am onwards
Shri Ram Mandir
8 Walford Road
West Midlands
B11 1NR

Participation in Yagna is FREE OF CHARGE

Mahaprasad will be served after the Maha Yagna

For Further information about transport contact
from Leicester 0116 266 9902

For More info
Shri Surendrabhai Bhatt 01922 611433
Shri Sureshchandra Joshi 01922 448059


Shree Vedmata Gayatri Pariwar UK
Gayatri Chetna Kendra
(The Centre for Gayatri Conciousness)
16 Rendell Road