Thursday, 9 October 2008

DRONA The Movie

It must have been about a year ago since I last went to see a Bollywood movie.
So I went to see DRONA over the weekend.

DRONA is a story about the Nectar that was churned out of the ocean by the gods and demons many years ago. Some of it was left over and was being protected by a generation of family, each of whom is called DRONA. Every now and then in every generation a demon attempts to find the secret of the whereabouts of the nectar.

The pronunciation of DRONA was so wrong in the film and to think an Indian made this film!
They kept saying DRON-AA. The emphasis on `A' at the end of it.
It should simply be DRON.
It seems all Indians have suddenly become very English that they cant even pronounce words in their own language.

The film started off with a boy in his bedroom and a blue petal come flying through his window. Hold on. Ive seen this before in another movie called Harry Potter!

Aditya the child was unaware of his real identity and the destiny that awaited him.
That was taken from Buffy!
Then we went through clips of Indiana Jones, the first Superman Movie with Christopher Reeves, The first Mummy movie, Matrix, Lord of the Rings and countless others! Why dont you list the rest. I could not find one original sequence in the movie.

Lord of the Rings-now that was so blatantly obvious copy of Gandalph look-a-like and his stick too!
The demon who was after the secret of the nectar was named Riz Raizada.
That name is so wrong!! Just as bad as the character potrayed and the villainous acting was pathetic.

Priyanka comes from a Nobel family but was given a random common name like Sonia. I thought that was rubbish. Indians cant even come up with a good name for characters. How many times have has Sonias in Indian movies. Nearly all of them do I hear?

I then came to the conclusion that this movie was for under five year old in which case they may have enjoyed it.

Of the 100s of Bollywood movies I have seen over the years this must be the worst in terms of storyline, acting, songs, fights sequences, even special effects were just badly used.

Don't be fooled by the review and rumours that this is somehow religious. Its not and don't waste your money.

Look at these posters on these websites.


workhard said...

Heard the movie wasnt all that great...

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Not Specified said...

Yes it was. Dont bother watching it.