Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Right Thinking

It is very difficult to think rightly, justly, morally unless you have trained your mind to do so.

In a conversation with a friend:- He told me that he got involved in a small useless argument with someone who had scratched his car.
He said “I shouted at him for no reason. It was not in my nature to shout but I did.
The scratch was not important and it was not such a big damage as I had suspected, but in the heat of the moment I lost control.”

He said if he could re-live that moment then he would stay calm and speak to him calmly and if he didn’t want to pay for the damages then I would not have minded.

In hindsight we would all perhaps change some of our actions.

It’s only when we are placed in challenging situations or tested or perhaps experience our own wrong doings, only then perhaps we can better understand and reflect on our emotions and improve on them. Until then we might be living in a delusional world that we think we are really nice and calm good people.

I hope this story will help us to understand our nature better and use them wisely when the time comes.

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