Thursday, 28 June 2007

Why doesn’t God stop wars?

The following is the script from the Mahabharata TV serial.
Vidhur was feeling helpless at the inevitable war between the Kauravas and the Pandavs.

Krishna said “Don’t be so sad Vidhur. You don’t have the power to stop whats going to happen.”

Vidhur replied “But you have the power O Krishna.”

Krishna then tells him,
“I too am powerless to stop what is happening.
I have no control of the Karma of men.
I can try to reason with them and that Ive done.
But they have shut their ears to my reasoning.
When I try to show them the true path they shut their eyes.
All you can do is stand by and watch the events as they occur.
You cannot change destiny.

In fact to tell the truth, Duryodhana isn’t responsible for this.
Its Dhritharastra and no one else. He is the root cause of it all.
Duryodhana is merely an offshoot of that root.

Vidhur says “My Hastinapur isn’t the fruit of the kings labour.”

Krishna said “It is O Mahatma Vidhur. Hastinapur did not stop Shakuni from cheating in the game of dice, nor stop Dushasana's hand from disrobing Draupadi, or stop Karnas tongue while he called Draupadi a whore. Therefore it too is a party to the misfortunes of the Kauravas.

God has shown the way to peace through many scriptures in different languages and different ways in different kingdoms. If we turn a blind eye to this then how can we hold God responsible for all the wars and trouble in this world. God says he has no control over men’s Karma. He can only show them and guide them.
Why is the entire country held responsible to the action of one man (Prime Minister of the country --The Dhrithrastras of the country)? Where injustice is allowed to carry on and you do not speak up against these injustice then the country too is responsible for the eventual downfall.

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