Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hindu meetings

When ever there is a meeting held by some Hindu community there are always some people who will react negatively about the meetings.  They say:-

What has this Meeting got to do with me?
Like many meetings we will never know the outcome of the meeting.
Like all meetings its always about those in power and famous or rich.
What do they know what we want!
They never invite us ordinary individuals.
Nothing ever comes of these meetings.
Who are they to speak on our behalf? 

And many such moans and complaints are made. 
Let me say :- Whatever the outcome of the meetings and whatever is discussed and whether it has impact on our lives or not, it does not mean you can wash your hands of your own reasonability towards your Dharma. They are tackling the 'problems' at their level.

At least they are trying to do something.
What exactly are you doing? 
These meetings are not about those in power!
The problems they discuss are not about them!

If you really look, its about you and me; who must also make a difference.
Its up to us all to tackle any 'problems' in our Dharam or problems faced by us.
Its up to us all to learn our Dharma and spread it to the best of our abilties.

If we do not take any responsibilities then who will?
Only a few good men (Gurus)?
Is Hinduism the responsibility of only those people at some meetings?
We are all responsible for our Dharma.
Empower yourself and think positively about this article. Don’t waste your time in idle criticism. Do something positive so that their efforts do not go in vain. 


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