Saturday, 19 April 2014

Noah is not Mythological

The film Noah is released and there was not one report from the UK media that I have seen or heard saying that this was a mythological movie.
It seems only Indians and in India are such foolish words used for their own stories. Just the other day I found this article and the very first paragraph reads

[[When a story told a million times and a mythology tale one has heard over and over again since childhood is still written with a flair and style that make it exciting and gripping at the same time, then you have a great read in your hands. This is one such book.]]

The reporters on Noah would say things like “whether you believe in this story or not is a matter of faith”.
Most of the time such question would not even come up and they would merely get on with talking about the movie.
They would only refer to it as Biblical Film –which is good.
Indians don’t even refer to their stories as Vedic!!
It seems Indians are hell bent of destroying their own faith whereas the western media is empowering faith.

Comments from the Web:-

“Rediscover the epic story of one man and the most remarkable event in our history.”
You can see how they write its HISTORICAL and not false or mythological!!
Indians must learn the lessons from the WEST.
Some Indians are very na├»ve of their own culture and religion. 

2] “A man is chosen by God to undertake a momentous mission of rescue before an apocalyptic flood destroys the world.”

3] “Russell Crowe stars as Noah in the film inspired by the epic story of courage, sacrifice and hope.”

4] I couldn’t spot a single word called ‘mythological’

5] Newspapers –not a word
Bible epic 'Noah' starring Russell Crowe

6] BBC

Epic biblical film Noah, starring Russell Crowe, has opened at the top of the US box office, taking $44m (£26.4m) over the weekend.

The film is based on the story of Noah, who in the Bible was warned of an impending flood and built an ark to carry two of each species of animal to safety.


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